Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Long Time gone

How I love all this traveling, but it also means (often) a lack of internet.  Thus Miss Blog here does not get update in a perfectly timely manner.  So, backing up to a couple of week-ends ago. . . . . . the delightful RV group had their September outing  north of here, outside Burlington.  Our camping site was on a big grass field, with electricity and water

A pretty setting.  Our "theme" for the week-end was games.  Those of us who were interested took pre-made bags, decorated them and made ourselves a game bag.
and later Miss Elaine taught some how to play Carcassone,
We also were learning "31", Hand and Foot, Five Crowns and Pinochle (Caro - you have another name for this game, but I cannot remember).  Saturday evening there was a 'round robin' for Hand and Foot (which is basically a version of canasta, if you remember that).  Each person was given an assigned seat and they started to play the game as usual, but every fifteen minutes, or so, at a given signal, folks put down their hands and moved to another assigned seat and started playing there, with that hand.  It sounds a bit chaotic, but it was HUGE fun.  No score-keeping, just playing.  It was fun.

We managed to avoid a storm Sunday late afternoon, as we headed east, through the Cascade Mountains, on the North Cascade Highway.  This roadway had been closed until Thursday, due to mudslides, but they had it clear and open by Sunday when we were traveling.

It is pretty spectacular.  This road is closed all winter, due to heavy snow, so it was great to get to see it (again) when it was dry.  We traveled on to a very small but popular tourist town of Winthrop.  It is based on an "old west" city.  Kind of fun.

They have a charming museum, made up of buildings moved to the site of the original homestead, up on a hill over-looking the Methow Valley,

We had visitors most mornings, including this mama and her twin fawns.  [just after I took this photo the second little one ran around the corner and they headed off.]  

After two days, we headed south.  We had a brief stop at a state park, Alta Lake, for our picnic lunch and then continued south toward Wenatchee.  That area is the tree-fruit growing capital of Washington state.  Pears and apple by the tons, literally.  [more on next blog entry - I have too many photos]

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