Friday, November 29, 2013

"Black" Friday

Gracious - how did it get to be Friday already?  We have really been packing in just as much as we could humanly manage.  Then just for giggles I had a Grandma duties day, as well.  And of course, yesterday - but I get ahead of myself.

Monday was the usual visit to Jazzercise.  Then a very leisurely visit to JoAnn's.  Caro was, as we sometimes day, "in hog heaven".  She located quite a few things that she couldn't live without.

Tuesday was a chance to see the Boston Harbor 1st and 2nd grade Nursery Rhymes "play"  "Mother Goose is Loose".  Pretty cute 6 and 7 year olds.  Grand #3 was Bo Peep.
Little Bo Peep and her sheep
Caro made a trip, on the bus, to downtown.  Poor baby - she had to take care of her own dinner, but we did leave her some delicious chicken left-overs and she found some orzo salad at the local PCC Market.

Wednesday I had Grandma duties,

It was crisp but some sunshine and did we have fun at the park.  My dear DIL only had to be at school until 1pm, so she arrived home early.  We were having fun.
(sorry - don't know why this is sideways)

Wednesday afternoon we were on 'high alert' for Thanksgiving.  Several things to get ready: stuffing, squash and get the turkey into the brine.  [not to mention cleaning the house and setting the table] This was a first time for me with brining and it was quite easy.  I'm not entirely sure it made a world of difference, but it wasn't difficult.

Thursday morning was time to prepare the turkey breast.  Another first  - cooked in a prepared liquid (with vegetables and chicken stock) in the crockpot.  Worked a treat!
The lid didn't fit, so at the suggestion of the recipe "maker" cover with foil and then use the lid for some weight.  It literally fell off the bone in about 6 hours.  Then later in the morning it was time to get the regular turkey into the oven,
Lucky for me, this is a potluck event, so beyond turkey, stuffing and squash, our guests brought the rest of the meal.  And of course, my sweet little ones came for dinner and a visit.

Isn't this a great looking bunch? My DS and family.

Today it was a quick jaunt to the nearby pharmacy, searching for black friday sales.  We found a few things, and of course, Caro found a few (more) things to put into her almost full suitcases.  She has been weighing them to be sure she was within the weight limit.  OK!  Tonight it's dinner with Christian and Guy and then she heads out for home tomorrow morning.  No doubt her husband will be pleased to have her back home.  We have had quite a visit!

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  1. You sure had some fun times together, how time flies! Your grandkids are so cute, isn't the best thing ever to cuddle and hug them?