Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sometimes I'm a regular blogger

It isn't that nothing is happening - but I get distracted and forget to note what's going on.  But here I am once again with a quick review of the latest news at the Casa.

As our houseguest arrives on Saturday, I have been trying to do several things in the cooking arena, so I don't have to "mess around" with thinking of what shall we have, tonight (or this morning, or whatever).  So I did an inventory of the freezer, made a grocery list, listed 7 or 8 entrees that were quite do-able and visited our friendly neighborhood Safeway.  It is interesting to ponder - they have this swell new program which is supposed to list out bargains for you (and you alone) based on your previous shopping habits.  That is all well and good, but when you get to the store, then you must find the EXACT thing that is part of your week's specials.  And, the store staff cannot help because they don't know what is included on everyone's list - so finding the exact item, in the correct size, makes a trip to the grocery store take much longer than usual.  And as Caro knows, I don't usually dislike shopping, but it took forever today.  However, if you live around here and happen to be more than 60 years old, on Thursday from 9-1 they give an additional 10% discount for us old-sters.  As my father used to say: better than a kick in the teeth.

And so - I bought the rest of the ingredients to make pumpkin bars.  I'm not sure why they are
called bars, as they have the consistency of cake, but they aren't very high as you use such a big pan (11 x 17).  I can say that they are QUITE nice.  [first time I've made these.]  I also made a recipe for refrigerator bran muffins.  It makes about a gallon.  You make the mix and then store it in the refrigerator.  It keeps for more than 9 weeks, although we usually have finished it before then.  You just take out the amount you need and then we add nuts and dried fruit - yummy breakfast.  Harriet Homemaker was busy today.

Apologies for some of the street wires, but we did have a really lovely sunset - so I ran out and took a quick photo.

You may recall that I have 5 grandchildren - 4 of them are girls.  The oldest one has really long hair.  I learned how to make these headbands at our CTA retreat.  They are so cute and really quite easy.  It's rather nifty how the elastic is threaded through.   So I have made these for her for a little Christmas gift.  Her mama said any color was good.
Can you see the red one has a little bow tied on (or it can come off if the wearer wishes - who knows when you are 13+).  I didn't make a bow for the turquoise one, but did for the black one.  So next I will make some for the 7 year old for Christmas, as well.  Her hair isn't quite as long, but she could use them.  The other two girls aren't really old enough for headbands - just yet.

Tomorrow it is mundane things like the gym, and a haircut and a basketball game.  The game is at noon - who knows why.  Me thinks that there may not be too many folks there, in the middle of the day.

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  1. Cute headbands you made in between shopping and cooking. Have fun with Caro, can't wait to read all about it!