Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Busy in Seattle

Well, my camera has not been so active.  So check Caro's blog for the real "inside" scoop (and photos).

Yesterday was a leisurely wander through the Lake City Fred Meyer - shopping a bit and lots of looking.  After we got home, Caro and I did lots of sewing.  Several little projects.  Photos to follow here shortly.

Caro made pea soup for supper - very tasty - and then we headed to the Univ. of Washington Women's basketball game.  Sorry Nancy and Diane - but we managed to beat Seattle University rather handily.  A little TV and bedtime.

Wednesday (today) is the gym and coffee, then a visit to REI.  Caro continues to help support the Seattle economy with her shopping.  Yeah!

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  1. Mmm Pea soup, delicious! You are doing lot's of fun things!