Monday, November 11, 2013

It makes me so sad

to hear the news from the Philippines.  So many poor people trying to survive unbelievable conditions.  Keep them close to your heart.

And remembering all our veterans - for their service to our country.

There are a couple of more photos to show you,

Christmas ornament for the CTA ornament exchange, Dec. 9.  Must be hand-made.
Sewing table cleared a bit.  Still pretty full, but you can see things a bit clearer.  Getting ready for my visiting sewer.
Giving a try at "Disappearing Four Patch" from Missouri Star Quilt site.   Mmmmm - I think I like it.
Shopping bag Christmas gift.  Not sure I'm crazy about this pattern, but another time maybe I'd make it differently.  It's a fun "low calorie" chocolate gift.
Made some cinnamon/sugar walnuts.  Oh these are yummy.
The very cute bobbin cleaners.  Aren't they so fun?

I am hoping that I have resolved the iPhoto and camera problems.  At least so far, this seems to be working. 


  1. Your DFP is Turing out really cute as Weel as the bag. Busy week ahead for you and fun times with Caro!

  2. Three more nights. It's so excited. I have to warn you. MY SUITCASE IS FULL ; ). cu in four days. Big hughs Caro