Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Report

I am delighted to report that the sun is STILL shining.  Most unusual for this time of the year.
The view off the front porch, of the neighbors homes.  See that lovely blue sky.  But we also have this:
That is frozen water in the hummingbird feeder.  We only forgot to bring it in one night.  Poor things.  It has been in the mid to low 20's overnight and perhaps hits mid 30's during the day.  Tomorrow night is supposed to be even colder, but then it may warm up just enough to meet with some precipitation and guess what that brings?  Talking about the "S" word for next week.  Isn't it good that we have finished almost all our Christmas shopping.  Today we shopped for our share of the Christmas Family that we "adopt" each year, through church.  This year it is a mom and dad and 5 children.  There are 10 of us who are finding gifts for them (and their household).

Other than Dutch class, I have been "downstairs" after supper - in my sewing room.  Working on a couple of things I can show you:
These hourglass blocks will be the next "round" on my blue and white quilt.  I started buying the fabrics for this quilt at least 10 years ago, in the Netherlands.  I don't have a pattern - just working on it as I can.  So far:
I have made the center blocks, on point and made these borders.  Caro helped me figure out how to make edges for the strips - to set them off from the main part of the quilt.  They are actually 1" strips of a plain navy.
Here it is so far:
Now to add the hourglass blocks and figure out what happens in the corners.

I have been trying to bit of tidying up in the ole sewing room.  Some days (weeks) it does get a bit out of control.  So newly cleaned up book shelves,
You might even now be able to read the name of the book and its author.  (a novel concept)

With this less-than balmy weather, it seemed like a time for a cozy dinner - so it was a pot of chili night:
Just add some cornbread and you are all set.  Keep warm!


  1. Your weather is much better then here. We had real Sinterklaasweather. Rain, wind, stormover the Netherlands. I love the plain blue small borders. It will be beautiful quilt. We will have a quiet weekend. Tonight we will bring granny her Sinterklaasgift with a poem of course. Have a good weekend. Caro xxx

  2. Your Blue and White is turning out beautiful. I made a big pan of Chili too this week. Rosa loved the beans and peppers, it was fun to watch her eat. Hope your weather will stay sunny for a while. The world looks so much nicer when the sun is shining!