Thursday, December 26, 2013

Holidays with the kidlets

My apologies to "Nanc'" and a few others whom I know are not so kid-centric as I can be, but we sure had a fabulous couple of days with my precious little ones - well, up to and including the teen-ager.

Christmas Eve was time with the two littlest ones.  Such fun and they really are so easily amused and entertained.

The big one was overjoyed with Goldfish crackers and the Safeway goldfish container.  [This even overwhelmed breakfast - Nana should have thought of that]  The littlest one just liked making sounds and having everyone respond to her - lots of "ttthhhhhhhh" and "bbbrrrrrrrr".  (It was rather funny to see a room full of adults making their own version of these sounds.)

The big one moved on, as her mother had predicted, with new rain boots and an umbrella.  No eyes were poked out (as my mother always warned) but it was a bit of duck and dodge with the sides.
[Notice the eyes on the umbrella match the boots.]  Grandad refinished the stove, sink and refrigerator that had first belonged to my daughter, 27 +/- years ago.  These oldies are still goodies,

Then early on Christmas morning we headed south, (with weather less dreadful than predicted)
Not much traffic, thank goodness, and arrived at the home of the 3 older "grands".
Age has different 'fashion' dictates, apparently.  But it really was a delightful time, with gifts and food and card games and conversation, report cards, plans for Christmas break, etc, etc, etc.

Caro left behind a Christmas parcel which we opened and had a really good laugh,
And now it is time to "pay the piper" for all of our enjoyable socializing - off to the gym
Hope you made many great memories during this holiday.


  1. You had some fun days! Love the present from Caro!

  2. Hi Marne and Elaine, seems like you had a great time. What a sweet pictures of everybody. We wish you and everybody a lovely 2014. Cu next year. Caro, Rob and Mies (Mies is so happy X-mas is over, now she don't have to wear her X-mas outfit anymore).