Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday Happenings are upon us

Well, yes, Nana is a bit overdue for her blog.  I am sorry, but some times it just seems to go that way.  You know how it is.

So to recreate the past number of days,

Several years ago Alayne and Maud invited us to join their Ornament Exchange/Christmas Brunch group.  We have, of course, thoroughly enjoyed our annual event with all of them.  Throughout the year, each person must find an ornament to bring, wrapped, and then we draw number for packages.  (you know that old fashioned way).  So I don't have photos of our (given-away) ornaments, but these are the ones we received.  Very fun.

CTA has their annual Christmas meeting, which included an ornament exchange.  Of course, I forgot to take a photo of mine, but it was a (approx) 6 inch long heart with a Christmas friends saying on it.  Carol had drawn my name and made this lovely stitchery ornament.  Really so nicely done.  We had the usual excess of treats and a refresher lesson in button hole stitching.  [last month it was sewing flat and shank buttons.]  Good skill refresher.

A few other projects getting done -  a candle mat (pattern from Caro)

Friday CTA had one of their monthly service sewing days.  This time around we made bags that hook onto the front of a walker.  These are generally given to Group Health.
Not difficult, but I'm told that for folks who need them, these are very helpful.  A good pattern to have in our repertoire.

Saturday was the annual gathering we host to enjoy a meal together and then to wrap the gifts a group of us have bought for our "adopted" family - for Christmas.  Always lots of fun and dare I say, it certainly gifts one family with a bountiful Christmas.
We enjoyed the lovely doves that Caro and Dieuwke made for us - decorating the dining room light:
Our adopted family has a 3 month old, and luckily we were able to find a hand-me-down stroller (in excellent condition), so made a small blanket to wrap him up, when he goes outside.  [I used some of the flannel strips we cut a couple of weeks ago.  The remainder of the left-over flannel went to CTA for their Providence Hospital Infant Blanket project]
We're closing in on the actual "big day".  So a bit less time being spent on sewing projects.  I did get sashing and a border on my flannel project - you've seen this before.
And I'm working on making some easy blocks - just a couple each day or so.  Eventually I'll have enough to do a whole bed quilt, while enjoying a recorded book,

Hope your holidays are joyful.


  1. As always you have been busy with a lot. Love the things you are doing for your adopted family. Have a very merry Christmas and happy sewing!

  2. I almost finished my Flannel Jack Quilt, just the binding. It's cold here in our summerhouse, so I'm doing the binding and at the same time laying under the quilt. Brings back lots of memories of a fantastic Seattle time. Same time next year ; ). Caro xxxx