Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday in the Rain

The weather Gods have visited us with rain.  Now that isn't really a big deal, except when you look at the rest of the country - we have no grounds for complaints.  Temperatures have been in the 40's and 50's and come summer will be happy for a bit more snowpack, as it is pretty low at the moment.  We don't melt.

Life is pretty daily around Casa Nana, but that isn't all bad.  I have been finishing up a quilt I started some long while ago.  I cannot show you as she reads this blog.  [in a couple of weeks I'll show you]  It is attractive and I do love the top.  Wish my machine quilting were a better, but there you have it.

Just finished what I thought was a thought-provoking book.  It is a novel but the author did quite a bit of research for the book and so I think has some strong reality in it.  "The Crying Tree", by Naseem Rakha, 2009.  Among other liner notes, it says the story is about, "..the transformative power of forgiveness."  Forgiving others and perhaps, forgiving ourselves for our own shortcomings.  Well worth the read.

My Seattle Grands continue to be so cute and fun to take care of, and grow……..
She can pull herself up, almost everywhere.  Next come controlled steps.  The older one continues to remember everything you once said -  so be careful.
Enjoy the end of the month.  Nana will be on the road next week - photos to follow.


  1. Yes, they do remember everything don't they? So clever! They are so cute! It must be so much fun having them around! That book you read sounds interesting. I think forgiveness is one of the most powerful things. Once you can forgive you will find peace in your heart!

  2. Have a nice trip, enjoy the sunshine. Caro xxx