Monday, February 17, 2014


Well, absent anyway.  Nana has been FORCED to checked out the weather in the southwestern U.S. these past couple of weeks.  Alas - a big chore, but someone must do it, right?  And oh, what a shock to come home.

Our journey began with a flight to Phoenix.  Never been there.  It is an easy airport to navigate and picking up the car wasn't too difficult.  [Perhaps I'm just a doubting Thomasina, but I'm never sure when they work so hard at getting a customer to "upgrade", get all the "extra" coverages, etc. etc.]  We rented a Ford Focus and it was just great.  We didn't plan too well, as it was rush hour when we were heading out on the freeway, but managed to make our way, without much difficulty (just some time) and arrived in Apache Junction.  There really isn't much of a town, but many, many RV/Park Model Recreation Parks.  This was not an RV trip, but a week in a friends' home, that we had bought at the RVW auction last summer.  Great, great, great.
check out the mannequin on top of the refrigerator

There actually is only a low-ceilinged loft, not a second story.  But this sky was what we saw for most of our week there.  Oh what a joy!
These are the Superstition Mountains.

We did quite a bit of seeing the sights, having not spent a lot of time in the desert.  So very interesting and so incredibly different from the northwest.  Everything has prickles on it.

But some of the vistas are quite impressive.  And there is a little color to be found, as well


One one of our walks in the desert we got to see just how prickily things are - apparently one sort of cactus is drawn to warmth, so you must be careful where you walk.  Even had to put booties on the dog, so she didn't get them stuck in her feet.  But it is really lovely, too.

More catching up to come.

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