Monday, February 17, 2014

More Palm Springs

Although the Coachella Valley is really a desert, there are a number of oasis (what is the plural of that?)  One of the largest is called Thousand Palms (although there are actually more like hundred of palms).  Very interesting to see and worth studying.  The dried/dead palm fronts are left on the trees to provide habitat for birds and various small animals.

This is a cross-section of one of the palm trunks.  Isn't that different?

We could see a little water, that bubbles up from the San Andreas fault - which runs under this oasis.
And you can see the up-thrust of the land, from fault movement

Another day, we went up the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.  Yes, even I went up to over 8500 ft.  [mostly I just watched the floor of the tramcar, as we ascended.  Once there, I was just fine.]  Wow!

After some lunch, we did some hiking around.
And as the temperatures below were about 90, it was close to 70` up on top.  Incredible, all the way around.

More to follow.

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