Monday, February 17, 2014

Palm Springs, CA.

Many years ago I had visited my parents when they had a vacation home further south in the Coachella Valley.  My quilting friend Alayne bought a condominium a couple of years ago in Palm Springs, so of course, we had to go and check it out.  Heaven.

It is a lovely condo, filled with quilts,

So comfortable.

Temperatures each day in the 80's.

The flowers and the weather, added to the magnificence,

So many fun adventures.  We visited the Faye Sarkowsky outdoor sculpture park, in Desert Hot Springs.  Some interesting and beautiful pieces.  Can you tell which one I was totally enamored with?

Her blanket/cape, as well as the rest of the sculpture is bronze - hard to imagine, it looked so like fabric and leather and beading.  Amazing.

Outdoor dining was required,
The full moon was a perfect addition.  Then it was time to wander into town for the nighttime street fair.  Marilyn greets everyone,

More to follow.

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