Sunday, May 18, 2014

As promised. . .

Stashbusters (Yvonne, this is my quilt bee group)

Elaine was playing with strips

Practicing with some half log cabin blocks for a group project.

I couldn't attend the CTA community sewing day (known as Sew Thoughtful - ha ha ha) but I did have to stop by to pick up the bag I left behind at our meeting on Monday.  While I was there Mary found a few things for me to work on at home.  Projects are usually "kitted up", meaning that all the necessary fabric is gathered together, ready to take and start sewing.  These will all become pillow cases (American style) which are given to a local hospital.

This has become a 4 patch little quilt which is given to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the same hospital.

I have finished 3 pillowcases and the little quilt.  6 more pillow cases to go, for this charity sewing project.

On Saturday I began the workshop to use a sweatshirt as the base for a jacket.  I am trying to document the steps.  It isn't at all hard, but it is a bit tedious.  Using an especially large sweatshirt (1-2 sizes bigger than you might normally choose), you remove the bottom band and both sleeve bands.  You baste up the center of the front (to mark it) and then you cut the side seams and the sleeve seams.  Then using pieces that you have cut from 7 fat quarters, attach those randomly (but use them all) to your sweatshirt.

To make sure that I am using all the different prints, they are separated into piles.

Here is an example of a finished sweatshirt jacket, made by our instructor.  I'll show you how much progress I'm making, throughout the next days/weeks.

Pretty cute, huh?

It didn't rain today (as promised) so we had a very pleasant walk in Magnuson Park, along Lake Washington.

Busy these days at Casa Nana.  But life is sure good!

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  1. What a cute way to transform a sweat shirt into a jacket. Funny name does your group have! Love the park!