Saturday, May 31, 2014

Here's the new leaf

Alright then - here we go with an update on the past couple of weeks.  I found some fabric at the Goodwill.  Ronda usually has more success than I do, but nonetheless, it makes me feel so good when I find a bargain there.  And especially when I have the right color tag to get 50% off.  Yeah!

This is for borders on a UFO.  Time to get some stuff moved along!  Yesterday I made two labels for 2 quilts that have been sitting downstairs waiting for this last step.  I am working on the 3rd one and then I should be about caught up with that task.  I'm still working on my sweatshirt jacket,
This is another made by our teacher.  When (not if) I get this done, it should be very nice, indeed.  But Caro you are right - it is a lot of work sewing all those little pieces on.

For Memorial Day Week-end, we went away with our RV group.  Thursday, when we arrived, was quite nice and sunny.  Sadly it seemed to deteriorate as the days went by.  By Sunday, we had lots of rain going on.  But that has never damped our week-end outings.  We had potlucks, several educational presentations, and of course, lots and lots and lots of games.    Here are a couple of photos, courtesy of Lis Smoot.  This is Mayfield Lake.

  One of the dogs learning how to do "nose" work.
And these are the women who had served in the military, whom we honored.
Lots of fun, of course.

So, this week:  we got rid of a couple of old chairs (you've seen the new blue ones)
Some friends from Denver, Colorado came into town and we HAD to visit and have coffee with them,
Last night was the 11 year old grandson's school play.  Revivor Philadelphia - all about the U.S. Constitution and all its framers.  It was a musical and the kids did a terrific job, with all their lines memorized.

Today was gorgeous and sunny.  So what must we do?  Ride our bicycles.  Our big bike trip is coming up in August and we gotta get all our parts ready for that - legs and backsides!

We did 12.5 miles.  Bit by bit, we're improving!

Time to revisit the sewing room and keep working on that sweatshirt.  More again soon.

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  1. Hope you will get your sweat jacket ready for your vacation so you can show it to us! It will be great for cooler summer nights! Your trip looks fun as always, too bad for the rain though. Good the weather was nice again to do some biking it sure is beautiful there.