Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sunshine, AGAIN

I do realize that it isn't summer quite yet, but high 70's and low 80's could fool you into thinking it was. However, the TV weatherman assures us that it will all come to a crashing halt tomorrow and even some wet-stuff on Saturday.  Alas!

The sweet little girls (and their parents) came for a short visit on Mother's Day - bringing tulips.

[being very careful with a peanut butter topped bagel]  Miss "L" was just cruising all over the house.  She seems to be really enjoying not being tied down with that crawling business.

Monday at CTA we had a couple of fun/interesting "Show and Tell" items.  It is always fun and interesting to see what folks have been doing between our meetings.

Some fun things to do with old blue jeans - a skirt and a bag.  A quilt made from things for sale at last year's fabric sale:
The sale this year will be June 21 (unfortunately - or perhaps good - I will miss it)

A bit of babysitting - tiring, but great fun.
[Cheerios while standing taste much better than when sitting down]

Stshbusters tonight, tomorrow CTA baby quilts and Saturday a sweatshirt re-make workshop.  Photos to come along.  Happy days.


  1. Glad you had some nice and warm days, we finally have some sunshine too. Love it! Cute things have been made, love the Americana quilt!

  2. Waiting for your sweatshirt pictures. Caro