Monday, January 14, 2013

I am reminded

by friend Caroline, that I have been delinquent in writing.  Too busy!  Not much of an excuse, but there you are.

I have done a bit of babysitting for Grandchild #4

Smiles are sometimes hard to catch.  I hope I will get even more time with her, as Baby #2 is due in mid March.

I have been busy with church things, including Befrienders.  Check it out if you are interested.  It is a program that is to help, train and maintain a ministry of compassionate listening within our church community. 

I have also been working on my Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt, Easy Streets.  Now easy it may be, but that woman loves LOTS of pieces in her quilts.  Here are some of my pieces,
 These are the main pieces of the quilt.  There will be 16 of these.  I've finished 14 or 15, so far.  They are approximately 14" square.
 These are the side triangles of the quilt - 16 done.
 These are the four corners of the quilt.  Obviously I have the alternate blocks still to make.  Apple green, purple and turquoise - not always my colors.  I hope I will like it when it's done - as it will have been quite a bit of work, not to mention many, many bobbins to fill.

We have managed to arrange another house swap and so will be returning to the Netherlands come April.  Of course that is after the church women's retreat,  the visit of Elaine's sister and the church Superfluity (rummage - rommel markt) sale.  I have MUCH work to be done to feel like the house is ready for someone else to be living here for a few weeks.  [No, I am NOT a great housekeeper!]  I'm sure we'll come up with 2 or 3 other things to keep ourselves busy and hopefully mostly out of trouble.

I promise to try to be more prompt in my updates.  {Thanks for the nudge Caro.}

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  1. Your Granddaughter looks so cute. Great idea to swap houses!