Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Morning

Well, despite the early hour [I was up before 6am] I managed to sew some more of my "B" Blocks.  So here you see the single block
[ notice the 4 square block, first row, second one in and the bottom row, 4th block over ]
Both are facing the wrong way.  The directions say to pay particular attention to the orientation of the 4 square patches (and I thought I did, but obviously I missed on those.  Second row and fourth row are done correctly.  Oh well, guess I'll be doing some un-sewing this afternoon.  Oh yes, I also just noticed the turquoise block with the purple corners (3rd row down) is also reversed.  I don't think this block is from this morning, but may have been in my hurrying yesterday afternoon before we went to friends' for dinner.  [The glazed nuts were for the salad last night.]

I think these are OK, 2 "A" blocks, 1 "B" block and a fill-in corner block.  Bonnie Hunter does not stint on the number of pieces in her blocks, does she?  Certainly is colorful, isn't it? 


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