Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's celebrations

We had such a very fun New Year celebration - it lasted 5 days.  We joined 23 of our RV friends in Port Townsend, to celebrate Lynda's 50th birthday AND the new year's arrival.  The Swan Hotel was quite nice and our birthday girl (and friends) stayed in the 2+ bedroom suite.  It became our meeting place throughout the week-end.
We managed to squeeze 14 around the table and the rest sat in the living room for our joint meals.  Also managed to get at least 2 different games around the table.  We enjoyed Five Crowns, Hand and Foot, Split, Sequence and pinochle.  Sometimes several at once.  Oh yes, and a number of folks worked on jigsaw puzzles.  It was such fun and so relaxing.

Had a New Year's lunch with some church friends,
When we got home, there was a late arriving Christmas package.  Our friends Caro and Rob sent along several tasty treats, as well as this very cute ornament,
"The Best Xmas gifts are memories".  Caro has the same sewing machine as I do, so she knew the exact right size for a mat for under my machine,
Isn't that so cute?  I had a gift certificate to Amazon so had ordered myself a new book,
You may recall that I'm a Bonnie Hunter fan, so this was perfect.  Also got the last clue on my Bonnie Hunter mystery and have laid out the first finishing block,
Grey, black and white, turquoise, purple and green.  This color scheme is a bit of a stretch for me, but looking forward to seeing it complete.

Tomorrow it's back to the gym for jazzercise (and on Friday).  A bit of grandma duty on Thursday, and Sunday our Befrienders training begins.  Woo Hoo - into 2013 in high gear!  Happy New Year to all of you!


  1. Now I have to make one for my own. But first cleaning up my quiltroom before you come in april. Good start of 2013. bye bye Caro

  2. I think we need an update ; ). Caro