Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday update

In an effort to be more prompt, here are a couple of fun and different things that have been happening here at Casa Nana.

As a Christmas gift, we received a box of 9 different vegetables.  Among those were multi-colored beets (bieten)

Also there were pink potatoes (aardappel) (yes, they really are this color)

Elaine helped with cleaning out the refrigerator, so lunch was a bit of this and a bit of that,

This evening was church Mix-Sups dinner.  We were in charge of salad and bread.  So for the salad, I made glazed pecans and almonds (noten)

Some rather eclectic foods this week.  Ain't life interesting.

I have finished 6 of 9 "B" Blocks for my Bonnie Hunter Easy Streets.  Photos to follow.


  1. I finished my jellyroll quilt, the 1600 inch quilt. And I can assure you, that goes much quicker then the Bonnie hunter blocks ; ).
    Looking forward to your food in april, feel free to us our kitchen! Hugs Caro

  2. It looks delicious, especially the nuts!