Sunday, January 27, 2013

Learning about me

As I told you before, this past week-end was our annual church women's retreat.  It is at the same time every years and a wonderful way to begin the year.  This year, rather than bring in a speaker for the time, the planning committee decided to utilize the talent within this group of women.  And so Saturday morning 5 or 6 workshops were offered and folks were allowed to sign-up [on Friday night].  There were 5 or 6 different workshops offered Saturday afternoon.  It was terrific!

Pilgrim Firs is a lovely wooded setting outside Port Orchard (if that means something to you)

Sitting on Lake Flora.  Unfortunately the lower trail around the lake was still flooded (a rather common occurrence during the winter) but even just walking along the road is so peaceful.

Several years ago my [morning] workshop was offered but I missed the chance to sign up.  So this year I made a visual journal.

We were each provided with a small book (covers and 3 pages).  Our assignment was to thumb through multiple magazines, catalogs, calendars and stacks of available images, words, colors, etc, etc. and see what 'spoke' to us.  All this was in light of our earlier discussions about sufficiency and lack and about "enough".  What is enough?  Do we have enough?  [this is something of a half-full/half-empty dialogue]  Am I enough?  A fascinating concept to ponder and one which caused many, many discussions all week-end long.  So while looking for images and keeping in mind 'enough' , we cut out, tore out, found those pictures that conveyed ideas and symbols of our thinking, but without a specific goal or story in mind.  Thus, at the end, it was fascinating to see what we came up with.  A quotation that our leader provided for our pondering:
"Breathe in your depth of knowing -
Breathe out all that you are
Allow yourself to be . . . . ."

Isn't this all so philosophical?  It really was quite the wonderful exercise and I quite love that little book.  It isn't done, yet, but is waiting for me to add more pictures, quotations, words. 

And so, in the afternoon, I made a reed basket.  A charming woman who has made it her mission to teach basking weaving, brought all the materials,

And we made baskets of every size and shape you could imagine.  And all made by our inexperienced hands.
My basket, great for rolls and buns

Elaine's basket, great for bread
The baskets are not perfect, but they are enough.

What a wonderful, thought-provoking time.


  1. What an inspiring weekend you had! Love the basket you made. I remember making a basket at school....thirty some years ago....loved it!

  2. Lovely basket. Your good as basket, the basket for X-mas you made me in 2011 is still standing next to my bed. Can we put that on my list for november ; ).