Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I almost forgot

On Monday, Patty organized a trip for the various folks who help with Stone Soup Quilts, to have lunch and then we went on to Martingale Press (That Patchwork Place).  If you are a quilter, you are most familiar with their beautiful books.

It is always such fun to get to take their "tour".  You actually just walk through their offices, but the walls are covered with quilts made from their myriad of books.  Each office also has quilts on the walls (but you're supposed to be a bit more subtle looking in, if folks are trying to work in there).  Then the icing on the cake is the visit to the "book room".  There you can buy books that are more than 6 months since publication at a significant reduction.  I don't think anything is more than $5 per book.  So of course, one MUST invest in a few things.  I found 6 books that I really "needed".   Of course I also found a couple of items to take to my Dutch quilt buddies - so I can't show you those.  But here are some of the titles I found,

  Lucky to be living here.

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  1. Yes you are. Looks like a fun trip and you found some beautiful books.