Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday update

Not much of nothing happening in the sewing room, but a couple of other events:

At the Seattle RV Show.  No, we didn't buy anything (this year) but it's fun to get to see what's new and (hopefully) improved.

Our humungous (how do you spell that? Spell checker didn't even recognize the word.) Rummage Sale (Rommelmarkt) at our church has begun it's "sorting" phase.  I'm working in the books department and we were greeted (first day) with 10's of boxes of books - already.  Wow.

Number 1 granddaughter is selling Camp Fire mints - to earn a discount for camp this summer - so had to go buy and get several.  Even Number 1 daughter was there, as well. 

Three generations of Camp Fire!


  1. I remember sorting books ;). Caro

  2. I love your sweatshirt. You must wear it to Sew Expo.