Saturday, February 16, 2013

Shades of the Past

When I was (much) younger I was part of the Camp Fire Program for 10 years, from BlueBirds to Horizon.  It was great fun and I made several very wonderful friends.  Each year, in order to earn some money, Camp Fire holds a candy sale.  So Camp Fire Mints were part of each winter.  Not only did the sales help the "bottom line" for the organization, the sellers could get credits against the cost of summer camp.

And so, fast forward to last week.  My oldest granddaughter is selling Camp Fire candy - now expanded to mints, [2 other chocolate things I've forgotten], toffee peanuts and what they call "camper mix".  She left this morning for the last sales.  She is 45 boxes away from having sold 1000 boxes - enough to pay for her entire week at camp this summer.  She has had a bit of help, but nonetheless, it's pretty terrific and she is very excited, as is her leader.

Here we are, three generations of Camp Fire girls, on the sale day last week:
The kids are here this week-end.  The youngest is off to a birthday party and the middle one is headed to the Burke Museum, for an outing.  Busy, busy, busy.  [oh yes, and we have to finish Owen's pillowcase for his mom's birthday next month.]

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  1. Way to go for your granddaughter! I love that spirit! Have a fun weekend with the kids!