Monday, February 4, 2013

Old Song, "Monday, Monday"

"Can't trust that day"  Thank you, Mamas and Papas.  Actually today was just fine, but it just seemed to fit.  :-)

Over the week-end #2 grandchild (the only boy) came for a visit.  We played several card games and a board game.  And then he really wanted to make something with the fabrics he had chosen from Nana's collection.  We talked about several options and finally decided that he could make a pillowcase for his mom's birthday (in April, but it is a significant "zero" birthday - so rather important)  [Nana has made all the grandkids several pillowcases and they really love having their own special pillowcases.]  Nana did the cutting and he chose the arrangement and then sewed them together.

When he came over on Saturday he brought me a little gift.  He and his granddad had been to Home Depot for the monthly kids workshop.  And so I was the recipient of his efforts - a wooden box for "all" my valentines.  Don't you love it?
After jazzercise today, I was in a kitchen mood.  So today it was a new batch of granola:
Mix oats and other dry ingredients (recipe from King Arthur flours)

Add nuts and seeds and unsweetened coconut

Bake for 90 minutes, stirring every 15 minutes (sigh!)

When it's cooled, add whatever dried fruits you have in the cupboard.  (today it was dried cherries, apricots, golden raisins and dried pineapple)
Good stuff!

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  1. The Granola you made looks wonderful and tasty. Love the present your grandson made for you. Those are the best ones to get aren't they? Ans how much fun is that, sewing your own pillow-case. Great job!