Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday morning (here)

Report on Thursday...the day dawned lovely and warmish. Got the postcards mailed to the grandkids, added some money to our tram cards (the system here is like our ORCA cards) and bought train tickets to Haarlem, one of our favorite cities. They were having a carnival in the center square.

We next had some lunch at an outdoor cafe and then wandered around and then inside St. Bavo Cathedral. FABULOUS. Among other interesting facts, that organ has been played by Motzart and Hayden.

We noticed some bicycles from the bike and barge company we had traveled with before, but couldn't find their barge despite a long wander through the town. We finally returned to their lovely train station for our journey home. We did notice that some of the tulips are beginning to show color. So that visit we will schedule for our last week here. Today despite the predicted rain we are heading to Duivenvoorde castle. Who knows what we will find. Having fun!

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