Sunday, April 21, 2013

Report for Monday (morning)

Our adventures continue, of course.  Friday evening we joined four other gals for dinner at a local Tapas bar.  Yummy and so nicely presented.  Well I'm trying to just use the tablet this time and I can't find the photos I have downloaded.   GRRRRRR

For now suffice to say, six of us went to Tabasco Tapas Bar and had a great supper.  Elaine had first a dish that was something like a stew meat on a tortilla and I had Mustard soup (yes, mustard).  Really tasty.  Others had quiche and fondue.  Round two included spare ribs, and three more fondues.  Sme so the group (not moi) had a flour less chocolate cake for dessert.  Of course this included all the appropriate beverages.  :-). Saturday dawned very bright and cold.  We headed to the tram to get to the train station and head north to Sassenheim.  There we met and visited with Piet Nicola and his family (and about 40 guests).  Coffee,snacks and visiting.  Then rolls with cheese or ham, cups of warm mushroom soup and beverages.  Then it was time for the Bloemencorso, aka the flower parade.  Very fun indeed.  The floats were close enough to touch.  Because the weather has been cold here the flowers are late and most had to be imported from France.  (Think e Rose parade here, just on a smaller scale). After the parade we were invited to hop into a 1934 Packard in which we drove through the flower fields (think LaConner) and ended up in Noordwijk, on the North Sea.  All the vintage cars were parked there for folks to ooh and aaah.  We eventually made our way back to The Hague.  Of course a girl needs to figure out dinner plans. . . .  So we joined Caro and Rob and her parents for dinner at one of our favorite places, De Mouce.   Yummy pork sate.  We walked to our home (about 10 blocks) and FELL into bed.  A busy, busy day.

Sunday was again lovely and cold.  We enjoyed a light Dutch lunch with Caro, Rob, and parents Simon and Reina and with aa fair amount of kafuffle left for a bicycle ride.  We headed through the Haagse Bo's and west to the coast.  We stopped (per tradition) about half way at Meyendell for coffee/tea and Appel gebaakt (dutch apple cake).  We cycled back to The Hague and all had dinner together.  Yummy, yummy Gourmetten.  Simon and Reina left for home and C & R and Mies walked us home.  What a fun day, but bed was calling to these out of practice cyclists.

Rob is my technical advisor, so I will ask him about the photo issues.  Sorry.  Today it is a train journey to Utrecht and probably Amsterdam on the way home.  Ain't we so lucky!


  1. It seems you are just as busy as we have been on our vacation. Glad that you are having such a great time in our country among friends. Hope you ar having a great day today too!