Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lovely, sunny Sunday

Another lovely, blue-sky morning. BUT it was also only about 37 degrees. We wandered along to Rob and Caro's for French toast, bacon and fruit salad. And then after something out a couple of sewing projects I can help with, we headed to the bus stop on our way to Clingendael. A lovely municipal park that at one time was a private home. We visitedthe Japanese gardens, although there was not much in bloom yet. Such a very pleasant walk in an arboretum like setting. Then was the requisite stop for coffee/tea. (Such a 'civilized' approach.)

Caro headed home to do some homework. She is taking a multi-year management course, and we caught the bus to Scheveningen. It was such a really lovely day to wander along the seaside (that's the North Sea). You will likely notice in the photos that two or three other folks thought the same thing. We wandered, did a bit of shopping and lots of gawking. A great time. Then as has been our tradition for several years, we had panenkoeken - actually we shared one. Met spek en kaas en ananas and uien. (Bacon, cheese, pineapple and onion.). Oh yeah!

Got THE bus back richt across the street from the "cultural center". (We thought of some of you - you know who you are). And now we are doing some catch up and laundry. Life is good!

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  1. It looks like you had a great weekend. So glad you are again enjoying our little country and that the sun finally decided to shine for some days.