Saturday, April 27, 2013

Week End reporting

Friday dawned quite grey and cloudy and rainy. And Caroline ended up having to go to work. So we just hung out at home - doing some of those wonderful holiday activities like reading and writing emails, etc. We joined Caro and Rob for a cup of tea and a rousing game of Five Crowns. Yup, for all our RV friends, we brought them a game and are having a great time with it. Caro made a very tasty lasagna for supper and we headed home.

Saturday morning we were at the tram at 8.30 to head toward Delft. We hadn't visited there yet and were told that the "art" market would be happening. (We were on an earring hunt.). No such luck. They were setting up for all the big doings on Tuesday when the Queen will abdicate And her son, Willem Alexander, will become King. A very BIG DEAL! So a quick tram trip back to The Hague to meet friend Joke and her daughter. They came down from Groningen - a 3 plus hour train ride. There was some kafuffle about which track and meeting up, but with some help from Caro managed to hook up. We had some lunch and a long "natter" through most of the afternoon. Joke's daughter, Karin, is coming to stay with us for a visit in August. Joke brought us a very well known Groninger's Koek. very sweet of her and oh so tasty.

being oh so lazy by then, we had dinner from the take-out snack bar next door. Ah the things you get to do while on vacation. This is Sunday morning, now, and we are taking brunch over to Caro and Robs. And as it is lovely (but chilly) we may have a bike ride later. I'll let you know.

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