Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday morning try

Everyone is sick of me saying this isn't working (I'm sick of it too). Hello, thought I'd give you a taste of our life here in The Hague. We have enjoyed pretty lazy mornings. Most everyone has a keurig-type of coffee maker. (Single cup brew). Tis house doesn't have or we haven't found a toaster, so it's bread for breakfast. Maybe with cheese or peanut butter. They also have some delightful pastries, should we wish. Sowers and dressed and head out the door. We don't have a car, so it's a pleasant walk about 6-8 blocks to a little newspaper shop that also sells stamps, only to discover that we forgot the envelopes. YIKES! Then on to Engelhardts for coffee and perhaps a pastry.

Then it is time to head to the grocery store. I had made a list but, of course, it did include some American items (for the diner party in the evening). So shopping took a while but managed to find what we wanted or some near equivalents. Walked back to our place and started to get ready. No graham cracker crusts here, so I made something close with British digestive biscuits, sugar and butter and made a butterscotch pie. I had to make my own Catalina dressing for the chicken, but that seemed to work. So, all in all, I'd say that dinner was a big success, with Rob, Caro,Dieuwke and Willem. NO left overs.

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  1. I remember there was some leftover dessert ;). Caro