Friday, March 14, 2014

Almost officially spring

Well, on Thursday, it WILL be spring.  Of course we know that doesn't always (often?) produce lovely, spring-like weather, but soon.

My little 'baby-sitting' girls and an up-coming birthday (1 year old).

I got a border on my lozenges, but need to take a photo.  Also am about finished with a couple of "Mug Rugs".  And I have seriously started working on my Lynette Anderson pattern.  [a mighty, mighty old UFO - MMOUFO?]  YEAH!!!!

 Today we are off for our first RVing adventure for 2014.  Yeah. (again)  Always lots and lots of fun.  Supposed to rain all week-end, but I'll have the camera and see what I get.  The theme is High School Reunion - oh my!

And a birthday for friend Caroline - although who is still counting?

Good days to you!


  1. One more night of sleep before my birthday. So exciting ; ). Enjoy your rv weekend
    Caro xx

  2. Enjoy your weekend, hope the weather isn't to bad. The girls are so cute!