Sunday, March 2, 2014

Another Busy Week

Now please understand that I am really not complaining.  I love my life and while it may seem a bit chaotic from time to time, it is such fun to get to do all the things I do.  And so, what happened this week?

Books continue to "pour" into the church rummage sale preparations.  Each Wednesday we spend a couple of hours sorting them (loosely) into general categories.  It is quite pleasant to visit with the other sorters and if one happens to find something they just can't live without, we are allowed to "pre-buy".  Most years it's a good way to get a year's worth of books for a very nominal sum and then we can just donate them back the next year.

After a dentist visit, it was time to visit the Puyallup Fair Grounds for the Sewing Expo.  If you are not familiar with this (actually nationally famous) Sewing and Stitchery Expo, it is held on the Puyallup Fair Grounds, in the Pavilion, Camplex and a number of heated tents.  I cannot remember exactly but I believe there is something like 15-20,000 people who attend each year.  There are seminars held each day (1 needle classes) of 45 minutes, up to all day classes (4 needle classes) on virtually every topic you can think of related to sewing, quilting, knitting, crafting, etc. etc. etc.  If nothing more, it just fills your eyes, ears and minds with ideas.

So many ideas.  Of course, there are things to buy, beyond your imagination.  I did a little looking for some more of my lilac and grey, but mostly got overwhelmed and decided to wait for a quieter time.  As a CTA, we volunteer to "work" at the Expo.  We work in the classrooms, collecting tickets, introducing the speaker and generally just trying to be helpful.  Did that on Thursday.  On Friday, I 'worked' at one of the free stages (no tickets required) with demonstrations and fashion shows.

Another year, I will choose a quieter week-end.  Because on Saturday, we met four friends at the Bike Expo.  We wanted to see what they were showing/selling/promoting and to get to meet (for the 4 of them) the folks who organize our bicycle trip - upcoming in August.

While we didn't buy a lot, we did a lot of looking and planning.  And they got lots of questions answered.  But keeping with that same theme, we headed home for a "Dutch" evening.  We enjoyed three different kinds of gouda (cheese) and Belgian beer.   and then all shared a Gourmetten dinner.
You cook your own meat (pork, chicken, beef and salmon) and also have salad and bread.  Lots of sauces.  It is such a fun way to have dinner (which takes a long time).  Our friends Linda and Lynda stayed over.  We started the morning, after breakfast, with a couple of rounds of "Hand and Foot" - a card game, similar to Canasta.

This evening we are joining our friends Bill and Jim and four others from our church for  dinner.  Most of them (not Bill or I) graduated from the same college, so we thought it would be just kind of fun to have a little "reunion" get-together.  It also happens to be the Academy Awards on TV this evening, so we will watch that, as well.

A pretty busy last few days, no?  Next week should calm down a bit, but still "keeping ourselves amused".  Hope you are having some fun adventures in your spring - March already!

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  1. You sure had some busy but fun weeks. The Sewing Expo looks great and I love the thing you do with the books. Spending quality time and dinner with friends is gezellig!