Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Will Spring come?

We did have a few minutes of bright weather, so I HAD to go out for a walk.  Just because.  A couple of things I found along the way,

We have had so much rain (I'm sorry California), that any little break has to be enjoyed.  I even found this guy,
Isn't he fun?  One house had the most amazing tiles on either side of the garage door.

Of course, I have to share my little funny ones.  Talk about "hamming" it up for the camera ----
They were watching a counting and colors video,

I have been working, leisurely, on a Bonnie Hunter "use it up" kind of a project.  This one is called "Lozenges".  Kind of fun.

I'm up to 6 wide and 7 long.  Not sure what it is for, so not sure how big to make it.  But kind of fun.


  1. Those little faces are priceless! So sweet! I love the first signs of Spring coming to the surface, it brings a smile to my face too! Your quilt is going to be beautiful, great way to use your scraps.

  2. The weather forecast for the weekend is looking great. I had a very busy week with work and study. But now it's three days off. Love your scrapquilt. It's lovely. How big are the blocks? Caro xxx