Monday, March 31, 2014

March is "finally" ending

On the news tonight, the weather person reported that we have had over 9.4 inches of rain, in this month alone.  The average March monthly total is 3.7 inches.  I keep paying attention to the weather in Amsterdam (for my Dutch friends) and they have been having several days of sunshine - and I have been so jealous.
[notice what happens to the picnic table cover - it fills up with rain water.]

But it did improve for Sunday afternoon, when our friends Susan and Christophe came for a "tea party".  Great fun!
And they brought some sweet narcissus,

Otherwise, I have been working on my Leanne's Block of the month, by Leanne Beasley. [I think I told you the wrong designer last post.  Apologies.]  Onto Block two.

Most of the stems complete - now to finish the flowers for this block.

We have now begun the final count-down to the church rummage sale (rommelmarkt).  Today's job was to set up tables and start setting out which books go on which table.  Tomorrow it is babysitting day and then back on Wednesday (after a brief coffee date with friend Alayne, finally back up here from her winter Palm Springs stay).  Thursday evening is the official opening of the Superfluity Sale.  That is the time that the professional book dealers come [and I stay away].  I will be working on Friday, most of the day.  And then Saturday morning and then we close up shop for another year.  [and everyone comes home and collapses.  :-> ]

Happy spring everyone.


  1. Busy, busy days ahead! Hope the weather will improve some. Your Leanne's BOM looks like Spring, love the colors. We have temperatures in the 70's, feels like summer!

  2. We really had some good weather. You better be jealous if you are looking at my blog ; ). Caro xxx