Monday, March 17, 2014

The Rains were raining

The news tonight reported that thus far in March (just over half of the month) we have had twice as much rain as is normal.   I can sure believe that.  It just bucketed all week-end on our first RV outing.  It is a good thing that we have so much fun, that even dreadful weather can't dampen our spirits.

The ever-popular potlucks, a game (or 2) of Texas Hold'em and a chance to polish up our bowling skills.  (for many of us, the last time bowling was 2 years ago when we went to this same RV park and nearby bowling alley.)  Great Fun!

Last week was our usual Stashbusters gathering.  A few of the projects folks are working on

And I have had a chance to work on a couple of projects, myself
Little humbug bag

A border for my Lozenges (a la Bonnie Hunter, Leaders and Enders)

And at long, long last I finished the first block of the Leanne Anderson Block of the Month pattern.  For this one I did all the embroidery before assembling the block.  I then went back and re-read the directions which said to assemble first, then embroider.  So will try that order of working on Block 2.  We shall see which way I prefer to work on it.

Stay dry!


  1. Lovely finished Lynette A block and I love the western horses quilt! Hope you still had fun even when it rained so much. Hope weather will get better soon!

  2. I love the Lynette Anderson block! You did it very well, so don't worry about assembling ;) I would do the stitching first too!