Thursday, April 3, 2014

Now it's April

Wow - so many things happening.  Firstly, I must comment on how impacted we all feel by the huge mud slide northeast of here.  So unbelievably sad, devastating, impossible to imagine.  Just some ole Saturday morning has made a huge change to not only all these folks, but all of us, who can/should never take our lives for granted.  Oh so sad.

This is the culmination of more than 11 weeks of preparation for our huge church rummage sale, "Superfluity".  The sale opens to the public tonight, through mid-day Saturday.  As in previous years, all the money raised is given to community agencies.  Additionally, the 3 childcare programs,  along with myriad other programs, that are housed in our church, are allowed to "shop" at no cost.  We very much consider this our main outreach effort [the monies are not for the church].  As you may remember, we work in the Book Department and always find reading for the next year - we stock up.  But, of course, we are allowed to "shop" in other departments.  Oh yes, I did find a couple of things:

3 yards each of 2 Christmas fabrics and this turquoise star fabric.  I also found the making of a scrap quilt - 22 - 6" strips, along with fabric for two borders:
The pattern is made up of 5" squares.

Some funny buttons,
There is the usual availability of fabulous homemade goodies.  I found some pumpkin bread and tonight I will make some cookies to take in the morning.

Still being the lucky grandma, with those sweet little girls.  New skills developing each day - it always is so amazing and delightful.

Aren't they something?

Hope that spring is treating you well!

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  1. O, they are so pretty Marne,with those sweet doll faces! I love the fabric you found at the 'Rommelmarkt' good buy!
    And yes I followed the news about the mud sliding, terrible, horrific news that you can not imagine to happen till it does.