Saturday, April 12, 2014

Joys of Spring

Oh, how much I love sunny spring weather.  It is just so cheering and makes me so happy.  Everyone at Casa Nana is recouping from the big Superfluity sale - no more schlepping heavy boxes for a while.
I am pleased to report that I have finally finished this quilt for Owen.  He chose the fabrics probably a year ago and Nana has been slow to find a pattern that seemed to work well with this disparate collection.  But I am quite pleased with how this turned out and I think he is as well.  He has a "youth" sized bed and this seems like it will be a great fit.
I have also been working on my Block of the Month embroidery.  It feels so spring-like, with all its pinks and greens and lavender.  Next are the flowers in the small triangles.

Today was our first visit to the recently renovated (and moved) Museum of History and Industry - MOHAI.  It was a great place, with nice views and very interesting exhibits about Seattle from its earliest settlers to modern day happenings.  Yvonne - I think we might want to visit here.  Also, Caro, you too.

Nicely located right on the shore of Lake Union - a busy harbor filled mostly with pleasure boats, but a few older ones, including this one that holds wonderful memories for me.
When I was a child, through high school I went to summer camp every year, on a nearby island and this was how we got there and back.  We were so very excited to travel there and so incredibly sad when it was over and time to come home.  Lots and lots of memories. . . . . .

We enjoyed lunch with our dear friends Nancy and Diane,

Later we did some yard work, 2 of the "grands" worked on building a bird house,

and we finished the evening with the first BBQ of the season,

What a grand day!

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  1. Glad the weather is nice, it looks lovely on the pictures. The museum seems interesting too. Love the quiltmuseum have made, cute pattern!