Monday, April 28, 2014

So Fortunate

I really do feel badly (sometimes) as my life is really so good.  I just cannot complain (well - I do occasionally, but I really shouldn't <grin>)  We had a terrific week-end for the second outing of our RV group.  This trip was to Port Townsend.

Now the weather did NOT look like this all week-end, but we did have many moments that looked just like this.  It was terrific.  Got to see an otter (rather close, I thought)

Lots of seals and birds galore.  Of course spring is coming along, so that was grand to notice.

We went on a "little" hike with friends Steph and Cate and Lynda and Linda.  [There were several minutes when I wasn't sure I would make it the whole way - this was NOT a "little" anything].  We went to Fort Warden, which is now a state park.

Notice that little patch of land behind the shoulder of the gal in pink [that's where we walked from]
That is the RV park where we were. (much enlarged).  Needless to say, it was quite the adventure.  We walked down along the beach, then up the hill to a part of the park not as many people see.  During the second world war there were gun emplacements there, although they were not fired.  So it has been commemorated with a Memory's Vault.  (a place to remember what didn't happen at that place.)

Opposite are the original gun settings
While this is all publicly accessible, it isn't easy to get to.  I guess that makes it more special.
Great time.


  1. It is beautiful out there! Did you drive all way or did you take the Ferry. We will be there in about seven weeks too. Did you know parts of ' an officer and a gentleman' was shot there?

  2. I like the flowers. We have the same in Clingendaal. And they are just beautiful at the moment. Isn't life great! Caro