Sunday, April 20, 2014

More Easter stories

Saturday evening was a church potluck dinner.  [Caro calls these church dinners.  We call them Mix-Sups]

We were at Janis and Wes's condominium.  Such a lovely home.

Such a spectacular view, from the deck

We were responsible for dessert.  Rhubarb atop a shortbread crust, with meringue.  YUMMY!

Church this morning.  Afterwards was an Easter Egg Hunt [very traditional American custom]  Miss B
timidly found a few.  Mostly she liked going on the slide in the church playground

Later we celebrated my daughter's birthday and had another Easter Egg Hunt.  Great fun!

Oh - I am so lucky with these five great grandkids.


  1. Dear Marne, these little ones are adorable! I can image you are so lucky to have them! The desert with rhubarb and meringue looks great. You did a good job on this. And wow, the view over Seattle, do I see the Space Needle?

  2. Looks like you had some fun Easter weekend! The picture of your granddaughter in the previous post is fun. It shows Elaine making it! Your grandkids are adorable, what a blessing! Love the awsome view on Seattle.....looking so much forward to our trip when I see those pictures!