Saturday, April 5, 2014

We Made It!

Well, we have survived one more episode of Superfluity.  I don't know how many folks came by, but most departments had more goods than last year and many reported increased sales.  We certainly know that there were more books than last year.
These are fiction hard bound and paper bound

A large children's section

For the last hour today, folks were offered a shopping bag and they could fill the bag for $3.  What a bargain!  The left overs were disbursed multiple directions: two different people each brought a car-full to two different shelters, and then the left-overs still there went to the Salvation Army.  And believe it or not, by 4pm you would never know what had been going on.

Before the week-end was over we had enjoyed a soup, bread and pie lunch.  All homemade soup and pie.

And a number of tasty treats
Rice Krispie and marshmallow bars

And now we are all completely 'pooped out'.  This will likely be a movie rental and some quiet stitching evening.  Oh yes,  I forgot to mention that the book department earned over $3500.  Not too bad for really only 2 selling days.

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  1. That is great Marne! It sure is a big amount that you rained with selling books. I can totally understand that you are satisfied but pooped! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.